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Technical drawing tools

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29 June 2023

The hatch ruler is a device used for technical drawing and graphics, useful for drawing parallel lines at predetermined and regular intervals. It is a sliding ruler connected to a vertical rod which, by means of a small push-button device, allows it to be moved in uniform steps, the amplitude of which is established by adjusting a knob. The adjustment range varies from a few tenths of a millimetre up to 5-6 millimetres. To make larger hatches, simply set a submultiple of the desired size and press the button again. They come in different shapes: wood and metal or plastic. The ruler is made of transparent plastic material and is between 20 and 30 cm long. It is possible, using special attachments and removing the ruler, to apply perforated masks with graphic designs and repeat them in sequence.

One of several different models of a hatchback as it was sold in the 1960s.
Curious name: Disegnigrafo (Draughtsman)

ALPE draftsman for perfect hatching

ALPE draftsman for perfect hatching. Beautiful then: “Draughtsmen, use it, recommend it”.
The ruler is made of transparent Plexiglas.

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