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31 October 2020

One of the latest and most popular furnishing solutions in contemporary homes is represented by the equipped wall, a solution that can be composed as needed thanks to its similar modules. This composition has the advantage of ensuring functionality and aesthetics, and of adapting well to the living room, kitchen but also in the sleeping area or in the home study. This type of structure guarantees the maintaining the order and the optimization of the use of space thanks to its variable distribution according to the characteristics of the environment, without weighing down the wall. In fact, in a single solution, a corner-bookcase, squares for TV or audio devices and another section for arranging plates, glasses and valuable objects.
Today on the market there are numerous solutions that, thanks to the modular modules, adapt to the most varied needs. The wide choice of materials, colors and finishes guarantees the complete adaptability of the equipped wall to all environments.

Now let’s see what the useful tips to make a conscious and optimal choice.

The typological choice

One of the greatest advantages that you can benefit from by inserting an equipped wall in your rooms is represented by versatility of the solution and the multiplicity of typologies that interest it. In fact, the furniture can be chosen in its compact form, with one or two columns of smaller dimensions, in its extended variant with a length of up to 2 meters and finally in the extra large models, perfect for furnishing double living rooms and very large spaces. generous. The modules that make up the equipped walls can be developed horizontally, with low furniture and shelving, or vertically with alternating columns and shelves, with the aim of making the most of the heights. The presence of practical hooks, arranged along the uprights of the structure, allows the displacement of the elements that will characterize the equipped wall, thus guaranteeing variable heights.
As for the overall depth, it can be equal to or greater than 60 cm, a measurement corresponding to that relating to each individual module.
In addition to size and shape, this type of furniture can differ in style: it ranges from very modern solutions with inserts in high tech materials and LED lights, to more classic models characterized by sturdy materials and shelves with regular geometries. If, on the other hand, you love green inserts, the metal structures fixed between the ceiling and the floor, with plants and flowers in the squares, will give vitality and freshness to the environment.

Examples of equipped walls: under the stairs, with integrated worktop and as a green corner
Small equipped wall set up under the stairs – Large equipped wall equipped with a study corner. Photo: André Nazareth – Green inserts for the metal equipped wall

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Materials, colors and finishes

Once the structural and compositional typology of the equipped wall has been chosen, it is possible to analyze the materials, colors and finishes that best suit your style and needs. The first is solid wood used for structures and shelves: resistant, workable and solid, it gives a classic look to the environment. Sometimes, the wooden panels are covered with other materials in order to return a specific stylistic rendering. This is the case of lacquered or glossy surfaces, favored by those who love the most modern style. Also there resin finishit is highly appreciated, thanks to its sober and elegant appearance and its opaque surfaces which, if treated, guarantee anti-scratch resistance. Another material used for the composition of the equipped wall is represented by the metal that characterizes the upright structures accompanied by shelves and shelves in another material. However, the demand for solutions composed entirely of metal elements is growing: these are light but resistant models, in steel and aluminum. The advantage is that of having furniture that is very minimal but equally capable of supporting heavy weights such as those of books and furnishings.
Finally, a popular material in the construction of doors and shelves is tempered glass; subjected to appropriate processing to be safe in case of breakage, it can be chosen with different finishes. They range from lacquered panels to satin ones, up to mirrors.

As for the chromatic choice, the range of modules that make up the furnishing solutions is varied: the neutral colors adapt to any environment, the deeper colors of midnight blue and forest green give a rigorous appearance, while the bright tones yellow and brick increase the light. If you want to opt for a sober solution with soft colors, but want to give a touch of color to the whole, it will be easy to do it by painting the back wall with shades suitable for the house and the mood of those who live there! 

Equipped wall and colour
A touch of color on the walls occupied by the open module that houses the TV and shelves

The plasterboard equipped wall

For the manufacture of a customized equipped wall, the best solution is the use of plasterboard. In fact, it is a low-cost material, very easy to assemble and also resistant over time. Furthermore, two of the aspects that distinguish it are the versatility and the multitude of types of furniture that can be obtained from its processing. They range from the most classic solutions with squares all the same and placed at the same height, to the most modern ones with unexpected shapes and silhouettes. For all those who dream of a creative solution tailored to their desires within their own spaces, the plasterboard wall system is the perfect choice.

Details of equipped plasterboard walls
Details of equipped walls in plasterboard

The plasterboard equipped wall with fireplace and TV is very popular, designed to accommodate different uses, it is very suitable in the living room where you spend most of your free time. Unlike in the past, modern fireplaces do not require a predisposition for the flue because the most innovative bio-fireplace models can be conveniently inserted in the section prepared in the wall. In this way it will be possible to easily recreate a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Sometimes the modules can be closed with sliding doors and panels and in this way you will get a tidy wall and equipped with a hearth as an added value. Last but not least, plasterboard is a very easy material to work with and the panels are mounted quickly and dry, minimizing costs and ensuring simple maintenance. The composition can also be modified as needed, thanks to the possibility of disassembling and reassembling the modules.

The wall equipped with illuminated compartments

The most contemporary equipped walls provide for the insertion of lighting devices inside shelves, shelves and drawers. These are recessed spotlights or low energy consumption LED strips that allow you to adjust the intensity and color of the light. In some cases the lighting is studied and inserted in order to ensure a good level of visual comfort, as in the case of the backlighting devices placed behind the TV.

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