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Technical drawing tools

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29 June 2023

Before the years 75 – 77, when the razor blade rose to the honors of the general public by virtue of the PUNK Generation, the LAMETTA already had a place, as well as inside the barbitons razors, even in the designer's armamentarium, with the task of correcting and / modify the precious tables drawn on semi-transparent glossy paper.
Unlike Indian ink rubbers, which occurred more recently, a razor blade used with skill did not leave any trace on the paper support. Naturally, it was necessary to use that dose of craftsmanship that characterized the intellectual profession of the Architect at the time.
For this purpose it was essential to go over the "razor blade" line with the back of the nail, and then delicately also around it with a pencil eraser. This closed the pores of the paper and made the ink stroke only slightly heavier than the other parts.
Luigi Zambetti

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