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International ideas competition for the renewal of the Municipal Theater of Bologna

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23 June 2019

The aim of the competition is acquire the best design proposal for the renovation of the Theater building located along Via del Guasto.
On the one hand, the intervention will have to improve the functioning of the Municipal, satisfying some specific needs of the Theater and its specific activities and introducing new functions, in order to improve accessibility, especially for people with reduced mobility, and to expand the spaces intended for theater staff and services for the show.
On the other hand, the public spaces inside and outside the building will need to be rethought, to activate new relationships with the physical and social context of via del Guasto, Largo Respighi and the entire university area. The value of the tender is 3 million euros, of which 2.4 for the works and the rest for the design.

Object of the Competition
The object of this Competition of ideas is the acquisition of the best design proposal relating to the redevelopment and enhancement of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna and the urban context in which it is inserted. The Municipal Theater is located in an area of the historic center of the city normally defined as "zone U", with reference to the presence of palaces and buildings that house the offices and institutes of the University of Bologna: the redefinition of the relationship of the Theater with this urban environment , the enhancement of the potential of its role as an "urban device", capable of opening up to its surroundings, activating and maintaining over time new relationships with the physical and social context are the aims of the redevelopment and enhancement intervention.

L’intervento dovrà prevedere:

  • the reconfiguration of the physical and functional relationships between the Theater and the urban surroundings, starting with the rethinking of the public spaces inside and outside the building;
  • the satisfaction of some specific needs of the Theater and its specific activities.

The ideational proposal, even in its unity, must be divided into 2 phases, successive but autonomous from the realization point of view: 5 the financing currently available will allow the realization of the first phase (1st functional Lot) and it is the intention of the Administration to find a another loan of the same amount for the second phase. The general and particular characteristics, as well as the regulations and requirements to be met in the renewal project, are contained in the Preliminary Design Document and in the other attached documents available to participants. Pursuant to art. 63, paragraph 4, and 156, paragraph 6, of the Code, the Organizing Body reserves the right to entrust the winner of the competition, with a negotiated procedure without prior publication of a notice, the drafting of the technical and economic feasibility project, as well as the final and executive design and the coordination of safety during the design phase of the interventions relating to the 1st functional lot, concerning the renewal of the systems, the consequent demolition of the volumes no longer useful and the reconfiguration of the Front on via del Guasto. 1.5) Estimated cost for the construction of the work The estimated cost for the construction of the 1st functional lot of the work, including safety charges, is € 2,280,000.00, net of VAT.

The Competition will end with a merit ranking of the top ten best design proposals and with the awarding of the following prizes and awards:

  • Prize for the 1st classified: 12,000.00 Euro;
  • Prize for the 2nd classified: 10,000.00 Euro;
  • Prize for the 3rd place: 8,000.00 Euro.

The aforementioned amounts will be paid following the adoption of the administrative provision for the approval of the final ranking. All the other proposals placed in the merit ranking will be mentioned as deserving, recognition that can be used for curricular purposes.

The competition, funded under the Pact for Metropolitan Bologna – Fund for Development and Cohesion 2014-2020, will remain open until 16 September 2019.

The competition takes place entirely online through the competition platform of the Order of Architects of Bologna, tool that since 2011 has supported public administrations and private individuals. After "Ortipertutti", "Itabash calls Bologna" and the recently awarded one of the former Carracci schools, "R-Accordi in Teatro" is the fourth competition organized in collaboration with the Order of Architects.

For the procedures of the competition and for the relations between the Organizing Body and competitors, in order to guarantee anonymity and uniform conditions of participation, only electronic means will be used, through the following website (specially prepared for the competition):
The system will guarantee the anonymity of the entire procedure. Participants must periodically consult the above internet address to check for any further communications relevant to the procedure. The competition announcement was: – sent to the Official Journal of the European Community on 14/06/2019; – published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic on 19/06/2019 pursuant to art. 2, paragraph 6, of the Ministerial Decree 2 December 2016 (Official Gazette 25.1.2017, n.20); – published on the client's profile http://www.comune.bologna.it/, in the Tenders section.

Deadlines27 JUN 2019 Public session to generate computer keys
27 JUN 2019 Opening of registrations and simultaneous sending of the documents and administrative documentation
05 JUL 2019 Opening of the period for requesting clarifications
15 JUL 2019 Closure of the period for requesting clarifications
15 JUL 2019 Publication of the minutes requested clarifications and related answers
19 SEP 2019 By 11.59 pm – Closing of registrations and simultaneous sending of the documents and administrative documentation
22 OCT 2019 Works of the jury, with decryption of documents and proclamation of the provisional ranking
30 NOV 2019 Verification of requirements, announcement of the winner, together with the minutes of the Selection Committee


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