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ABET Laminati - Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

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29 June 2023

At the new Porsche museum in Stuttgart, ABET LAMINATI’s pRaL® forms the purest and most dynamic stage for the world’s best-known automobiles.

In Stuttgart, in the Zuffenhausen district, there is the headquarters of one of the most famous private car manufacturers in the world, Porsche, which on January 31, 2009 opened to the public the brand new and futuristic museum where it is possible to admire memorable pieces and to reconstruct step by step the 100 years of history of one of the richest companies in tradition and innovation.

On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the spectacular building, similar to a monolithic body floating in the air, Wendelin Wiedeking, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Porsche AG defined the museum as the “new business card on Porscheplatz.” Emblematic, Wideking’s intervention highlights the true meaning of the project created by the Viennese architecture firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects: “While the building’s mighty architecture reflects Porsche’s individuality, determination and orientation towards the future , the turnkey cars on display at the “traveling museum”, always ready to go into action, are the vital breath that animates the history of the company. “
During construction, which lasted three years, the museum with its aseptic whiteness of white and with the exhibition area resting on only three supports, to the point of seeming suspended, aroused great curiosity for the impressive architecture. The Viennese firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects was determined, from the outset, in wanting to place the visitor at the center of the whole, in an attempt to create a strong effect on people’s body and mind.
Chosen among the ten best-known architectural firms in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects has created a very innovative central interior space in 5,600 square meters of exhibition area, following the concept prepared by the prestigious HG Merz studio, in which tradition, history and scientific know-how are perfectly combined in order to deepen and make the mechanical knowledge and history of the Porsche car manufacturer accessible to the public.

The heart of the main area displays the most popular car models, about 80 historic cars and over 200 objects, accessories and components linked to the history of the car manufacturer. At the same time, the technicians of the museum’s impeccable workshop are constantly committed to keeping the show cars and historic cars of customers in impeccable condition.
Next to this space, which is the hub of the museum, there are large conference rooms for organizing events as well as a magnificent roof terrace. The exclusive “Christophorus” restaurant, integrated into the exhibition environment, joins the haute cuisine proposals of Stuttgart.

The white color also distinguishes the internal area of the building, in particular in the central location that houses the historic Porsche setting where the cars are free to stand out similar to sculptures in the candid gallery, as expressly desired by Professor HG Merz. The structure with an unusual shape that houses historic Porsche cars, similar to a tubular section, was made with 600 square meters of ABET LAMINATI pRaL® 2060 (chosen in the thickness of 9 mm and 3 mm), exceptionally versatile because thanks to its formula technological and creative, it can be freely molded and offers multiple application possibilities.

pRaL®, obtained from the combination of a natural mineral and an acrylic polymer, represents the success of ABET LAMINATI’s technological creativity, as a noble artificial material, capable of arousing pure emotions and transmitting a message with the advantage of superior performance characteristics.
To underline the puristic and dynamic background, which finds its most effective expression with pRaL®, 320,000 small LEDs have been inserted on the unusual catwalk for cars that draw interesting light effects and reveal the beauty of flat, concave or convex surfaces in pRaL ® whose invisible joints ensure the continuity of the gaze towards infinity.

In the Porsche museum, innovative for its architecture and careful selection of materials, visitors will be able to really touch the high technical performance of the now unsurpassed symbols of sports cars par excellence.

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