Park of Monte Mario in Rome

Park of Monte Mario in Rome

Foto parco Monte Mario

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29 June 2023

The Monte Mario park extends in the north-western sector of the city, and is an important connecting element between the environmental system of the Tiber and the large suburban areas, a real green corridor within the city.
With its 139 meters of height it is the most imposing relief of the system of hills called Monti della Farnesina and represents a true mosaic of biological diversity due to its environmental characteristics.

A large presence of typical Mediterranean vegetation in the lower areas (holm oak, cork oak and rock rose) is also contrasted by that typical of submontane conditions in the higher areas (hornbeam, linden, maple, ash, hazel, privet and dogwood).

The anthropization of the area has strongly disturbed the presence of an original fauna: present today are rodents (dormouse, house mouse, wild mouse) and birds (robin, blackbird, long-tailed tit, greenfinch, goldfinch, jackdaw and starling). The area is an asset of inestimable cultural and environmental value for the city which includes historic villas including Villa Mazzanti, seat of RomaNatura, and Villa Mellini, seat of the famous astronomical observatory.
RomaNatura, managing body of the reserve, has entrusted the management of the services to Legambiente Lazio.


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