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24 March 2019


This is the title of the second National Conference of IBIMI – bS scheduled in Rome the next 9 April 2019, at the Auditorium of the prestigious headquarters of the National CNA.
An important opportunity to take stock of the state of the art in BIM in Italy and promote the exchange of multidisciplinary skills for BIM.The event will be attended by authoritative personalities from the industrial world and the PA will focus on the issues of digitalization of the built environment.

4 Processes: Production, Training, Management, Instrumental.
In holistic vision of IBIMI-bS, represent the areas of governance of BIM projects, which must be taken into account for the correct dissemination, sharing and success of BIM in Italy.

In the implementation of the program of the IBIMI-bS National Conference, the 4 processes are associated with 4 colors and represent the 4 disciplinary areas in which IBIMI-bS considers it necessary to share the BIM context, and therefore the topics covered by the interventions of the various speakers in a multidisciplinary perspective.
The IBIMI-bS National Conference this year will take place throughout the day, to give ample space to BIM design case histories created by the members, to talk about the formation of new skills and OpenBIM with an international guest via the web, but also from document management and blockchain platforms as well as the conservation of digital heritage.
Illustrious representatives of the institutions were invited to participate in the round table, which represents an opportunity for IBIMI members, the public and speakers to discuss the present and future of BIM in Italy, to provoke an "open" dialogue between the parties, therefore between the processes.
The second national IBIMI-bS Conference is aimed at all those who interface with BIM for various reasons in order to offer the public attending the event an open vision and new insights into the future of the digitalization of the construction sector in Italy.


8.45 am – 9.30 am Check in

09.30 am Welcome and start of works
Anna Moreno (IBIMI-bS President)

09.55 am
 The future of BIM in Italy and the design of major works – Riccardo Pagani (Partner IBIMI-bS – BIMon srl)
 The buildingSMART international qualification program – Lorenzo Nissim (Vice President IBIMI-bS)

10.45 am – 11.10 am Coffe break

11.10 am
 From instrumental BIM to purpose BIM: definition of objectives and automatic process validation tools – Hilario Bourg (IBIMI-bS partner – Graphisoft)
 Conservation and access to digital assets – Mariella Guercio (President of the National Association of Italian Archivists)

12.05 – 13.35 Lunch break

 BIM and process innovation – Salvatore Collura (IBIMI-bS partner – ETS srl)
 Document management and blockchain platforms – Michele Marchesi (University of Cagliari)
 The importance of the IFC Open BIM format for the management of processes and data of public and private clients – Michelangelo Cianciulli (Socio IBIMI-bS – ACCA Spa)

ore 14.55  Panel discussion – moderate Anna Moreno
 Enzo Ponzio (CNA Costruzioni)
 Luigi Perissich (FerderCostruzioni)
 Massimo Iorani (RFI)
 Massella Ducci Teri (AGID)
 Marco Aimetti (CNAPPC)
 Richard Petrie (bSI) (online intervention)

ore 16.10 – 16.50   Coffe break

ore 16.50
 TBD – Xenia Fiorentini (Socio IBIMI-bS – Engisis srl)

ore 17.15   Closing of works
Anna Moreno (Presidente IBIMI-bS)


Sede CNA Professioni, Piazza M. Armellini 9A, 00162 Roma
To register for the Conference and for information:

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