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20 February 2020


Luxembourg City, the capital of one of the smallest states in Europe, is a city of medieval origin built on a rocky spur for three sides overlooking natural canals. Due to its ancient origins and the fact that for a long time it was used as a real "fortress", the architecture of the city is mostly in the classic medieval style of central Europe, with a prevalence of buildings low-rise, characterized by large windows and dominated by square roofs. Even in the more peripheral parts, the new architectures that are emerging tend to preserve these main characteristics.

Recently on the online platform for architecture and interior design, GoPillar (, which since 2014 has hosted private design and design competitions banned by customers from all over the world, a Contest has been opened dedicated to the collection of architectural projects to develop the interior layout and furnishings of the living area of an apartment located in a new building in a modern district of Luxembourg City.

What is the challenge in responding to the requests of the Contest New Apartment in Luxembourg?

The main challenge that this competition offers to architects and designers from all over the world is to create a modern apartment suitable for the lifestyle of a family of 5, within a not very large space located in a building with classic lines. .

More specifically, the customer asks to organize a living area of 43sqm of space in order to obtain:

  • An entrance with hangers
  • A comfortable open space living area with dining area
  • A guest bathroom attached to the living area
  • A fitted wall for the kitchen
  • A study corner with a computer desk
  • Many "container" spaces to store children's games

Beyond these requests, the presence of many full-height windows along all the walls that also lead to an outdoor terrace will also be taken into consideration. It will therefore be important to understand how to best arrange the spaces in order to make the most of the natural light coming from the windows and also the outdoor space of the terrace, both in summer and winter.

What are the papers to submit to participate in the Luxembourg City Contest?

It is a competition for the arrangement of the interior spaces, as it is possible some masonry construction or demolition of partitions, but also of interior design. For this reason, professionals are asked to prepare: a quoted floor plan with a precise arrangement of the pieces of furniture in the space; a complete list of furniture pieces to buy and a complete list of lights to buy, both of these lists must be accompanied by a precise indication of brands, prices, colors and a website where you can find each product; finally, a 3D render view that shows in a photorealistic way how the project was conceived. Please note that all the boards to be produced concern only the living area of the apartment.

How can you participate in the Contest? Is there a registration fee?

Any architect or interior designer, from anywhere in the world, can participate in the private competition to help this Luxembourg City family design their living area and thus win the prize simply by registering on the online platform ( in which the Contest is hosted and filling out a short professional profile. Participation in the competition is totally free and cost-free for the architect and the deadline for submitting the designs is 12 March 2020.

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