Online competition for living room renovation

Online contest for Turin living room renovation

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23 November 2020

Online competition for living room renovation

Online contest for Turin living room renovation
At GoPillar, the online community that hosts architects and interior designers who compete against each other with projects to win prizes offered by customers, there are many different project requests. Today’s request is for a living area renovation in a Turin apartment.

What are potential challenge(s) of the "Impressive Living" Contest?
The customer would like to fill a void left when two large areas in the house were merged. The family consists of four people (parents and their two daughters) who would like to take advantage of the lighting in the room. In addition, they hope that the space will be a welcoming place for guests without neglecting the family’s daily life. The TV area is essential, but shouldn’t be the focal point of the room (the young daughters often jump on the sofas). The living room needs a conversation area with a large table for at least 8-10 people. Lastly, there should be a space for their treadmill.

What are the documents required for the Turin Contest?

The customer expects:

  • at least one floor plan; 

  • a vectorial layout; 

  • at least one color table; 

  • at least one table of furnishings; 

  • at least one table of lights

How can you participate in the Contest? Is there a registration fee?
Any architect or interior designer, from any part of the world, can participate in this private competition to help the clients renovate their house and win the prize simply by registering on the online platform where the Contest is hosted and filling out a short professional profile. Participation in the competition is completely free and cost-free for the architect; the deadline for submitting the project is 27 November 2020.

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