Hygge: live a happy home

Hygge is a way of living, of being, of thinking and of relating to others

Hygge is a way of living

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08 January 2022

Browsing the Internet today, it is not difficult to come across the word HYGGE of Danish origin (which is pronounced “ügghe” or “igge”) and which does not have a real translation because it does not correspond to a single word but to a whole whole of concepts.
The Danish people, according to some studies, are one of the happiest people in the world and it is precisely behind the term Hygge that a philosophy of life is hidden, a way of experiencing ourselves and also the spaces that surround us.
Each of us therefore has a different idea of Hygge because it is closely linked to our way of living life, or rather to our way of enjoying life and, therefore, it is obvious that it changes from person to person.

Hygge is a way of living, of being, of thinking and of relating to others.
Hygge is intimacy, sharing, warmth.
Hygge is finding the beauty in the little everyday things.

Hygge is that general feeling of well-being that you feel, perhaps, reading a book in front of the fireplace while it’s raining outside.

Welcoming, warmth, simplicity, intimacy are all key words to better understand Danish philosophy, and the main place to practice it is at home.

Due to the long, dark winters, the Danish people found ways to react to the dark and cold Nordic climate:

“What is lost on the outside will be gained on the inside”

Hygge is a way of living, of being, of thinking and of relating to others

Living in a hygge way means sharing everyday moments with friends and relatives, so the spaces of the house are furnished and designed as a meeting place: welcoming, warm, relaxing.

Certainly the strong presence of natural materials: wood (often raw), stone, leather, wool, wicker, cotton, linen, jute.
All elements that warm the atmosphere without weighing it down.

Hygge is a way of living, of being, of thinking and of relating to others

Minimal furnishings and neutral tones are the basis of each room, where everything is then enriched with soft blankets, candles, cushions and carpets that complete the scene.
The fireplace is undoubtedly a must have for a Hygge home, synonymous with warmth, intimacy, family gathering often transformed into a perfect “hyggekrog” that is, a corner of the house where you can relax, snuggle up under a blanket and feel safe.

Last but not least: lighting.
Artificial light becomes an essential element and accompaniment to relaxation.
The hygge atmosphere requires warm light, with a shade tending towards yellow or orange that is not strong but diffused.
Walking through the streets of Copenhagen, it is possible to peek beyond the windows of the Danes and witness real Hygge moments, where in addition to the pleasure of being together enjoying the little things, the love and care for the home is perceivable.

Hygge is a way of living, of being, of thinking and of relating to others

In these last two years, in which Covid has often forced us to remain within the walls of our homes, this philosophy which is now becoming popular all over the world, can not only change our way of living, but allows us to live a happy home.

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