Human Technopole: the new Headquarters

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28 May 2019

Human Technopole: the new Headquarters


Published by Arexpo Spa on the #concorrimi platform of the Order of Architects of Milan, the international competition for the design of the new Headquarters of the Human Technopole Foundation in the former EXPO 2015 area, now called MIND.

The estimated amount for the works is 94 and a half million euros, the amount for the final and executive design services amounts to 5 million euros. Three years for the works.
The 40th contestants for the Human Technopole HQ is structured in two degrees, the first of which (deadline July 26, 2019) is aimed at selecting the 7 best project proposals to be admitted to the second degree (the deadline for receipt of project proposals is December 17, 2019).
One million the total amount for rewards and refunds: the winner of the contest will receive a prize of 600,000 euros; the runner-up will get € 120,000 as a prize, while the third will receive € 80,000. Each of the other 4 classified competitors will receive a reimbursement expenses of 50,000 euros.

Jury composed of prof. Giovanni Azzone, prof. Irene Bozzoni, prof. Ennio Macchi, ing. Alberto Sanna, arch. Ekaterina Golovatyuk. Alternate members: prof. Giovanni Lozza, arch. Pierpaolo Danelli.

We are pleased to have made available the web platform and the #Competition-type call for this competition – says Paolo Mazzoleni, president of the Order of Architects of Milan. In one of the most interesting development areas throughout Italy, a headquarters will be built that is among the most innovative in terms of content, concepts and research and development activities. And the #concorrimi tool is the most suitable, not only for its flexibility, but also for what it is and represents: process innovation is inextricably linked to the innovation of the project and the built future. It is part of an innovation ecosystem. #Concorrimi becomes a partner of an initiative of great physical and symbolic importance, which will have an important territorial dimension and a global scientific and cultural reach, in an effervescent context that in the common international imagination is inextricably linked to the concepts of excellence, primacy and service " .

Human Technopole: il nuovo Headquarters

The project HQ Human Technopole (with research centers, facilities, management offices) provides for the construction of a highly innovative infrastructure, consisting of a new Campus it's a new building whose design must follow specific criteria:

the HT Campus: common ground, integration, landscape, mobility
For what concern new HT Campus, the proposals that provide for a high quality of urban design and the general structure of the HT Campus will be positively evaluated, which guarantees its insertion and physical and functional integration in the urban context of MIND, in line with the overall guiding principles of the MIND Masterplan. Including the Common Ground, that is the ground floor intended as a usable area, open to permeable functions and spaces of functional contamination.
Furthermore, the design solutions will have to interpret the concept of campus in an innovative way, guaranteeing it a clear one identità e riconoscibilità in continuity with the existing buildings.
In line with the landscape quality objectives of the MIND Masterplan, the concept paesaggistico it will have to integrate open and built spaces, characterizing itself as an element of connection and continuity between the functions and the internal and external spaces of the HT Campus. The competition also expects innovative proposals by internal mobility at Campus HT, in terms of methods, efficiency of flows and functionality of routes, arrangement of accesses and parking spaces and logistics.

The new building: iconic and emblematic, functional and adaptable, sustainable and smart

The new building must be an innovative building of undisputed iconicity, uniqueness, recognizability, identity and emblematicity – from the point of view of the architectural language, expressive of the morphological, compositional and material aspects – in relation to the strategic activity that will be carried out there.
In terms of functionality, the building project will have to adopt innovative solutions for the best functional distribution and organization of spaces and paths (vertical and horizontal), able to guarantee the highest levels of efficiency, productivity, accessibility and usability (as well as the integration between laboratories and offices) in relation to the activities that will be carried out there (including 'aptitude to allow repositioning and handling of furnishings and equipment). The project must guarantee the highest degree of flexibility of the architectural organism in its entirety, making possible a rapid adaptability of spaces to unexpected needs and adaptation of layouts with a containment of intervention costs, with particular reference to the structural system (drilling criteria) and to the technological and plant engineering system ( distribution criteria).
The design solution that includes systems of smart-building able to maximize environmental sustainability, efficiency and energy saving building, with innovative technical and technological solutions of proven feasibility.
The use of cutting-edge materials and innovative technological processes and solutions, but with proven feasibility, designed to ensure the industrialization of the process, prefabrication, modularity and efficiency of implementation.
The design solution able to guarantee the maximum durability and limited need for maintenance of the works, with particular attention to the solutions adopted to optimize and reduce the costs of management and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

The optional inspection for viewing the areas affected by the intervention that can be carried out every day of the third week of June, from 17 to 21, showing up at Cargo 11 of the MIND site (via Cristina Belgioioso) at 2.30pm.

The technical and economic feasibility project will have to be developed with BIM technology.

International design competition
"Human Technopole: the new HEADQUARTERS"


Arexpo.S.p.A. (hereinafter also the "Organizing Body"), as an auxiliary client of the Human Technopole Foundation (hereinafter also the "HT Foundation") pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1, lett. m) nos. 2, 3 and 4, of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016 (hereinafter also the "Code"), announces the international design competition "Human Technopole: the new HEADQUARTERS" for the construction of the new Building (hereinafter "Building") of the HT Foundation, located in Milan, former Expo area 2015 (now called MIND – Milano Innovation District), Via C. Belgioioso snc, aimed at the acquisition of a project with an in-depth level equal to that of a technical and economic feasibility project (hereinafter also the "Competition").

The competition, open to Architects and Engineers, is divided into two anonymous degrees. 

To guarantee anonymity and uniform conditions of participation, the competition procedures and the relationship between the competition and the competition will take place exclusively electronically through the site.

The competitor will have access to the aforementioned site by registering and will be able to download the material necessary for participation, formulate questions, consult the appropriate "news" page and submit by uploading the documents of both the first and second degree project proposals.


The main deadlines for the Competition procedure are as follows:

  • 28.06.2019 hours 12:00:00                                                                                                                                                Deadline for receiving requests for clarification for the first degree;
  • 08.07.2019 hours 12:00:00                                                                                                                                                Deadline for the publication of replies to requests for clarification received within the first degree;
  • 26.07.2019 hours 12:00:00                                                                                                                                        Deadline for receipt of project proposals and administrative documents relating to the first degree;
  • 01.10.2019 hours 12:00:00                                                                                                                                                  Date of publication and communication of the project proposals admitted to the second degree;
  • 15.10.2019 hours 12:00:00
  • Deadline for receipt of the administrative documentation of the second degree relating to the possession of the requirements for the final and executive design;
  • 08.11.2019 hours 12:00:00                                                                                                                                                  Deadline for receiving requests for clarification for the second degree;
  • 25.11.2019 hours 12:00:00
    Deadline for the publication of the answers to the questions formulated for the second degree;
  • 17.12.2019 hours 12:00:00
    Deadline for receipt of project proposals relating to the second degree.

The winner of the competition will receive a prize of € 600,000.00 (net of VAT and any other legal obligations). 
A prize of € 120,000.00 (net of VAT and any other legal charge) is awarded to the competitor who is second classified.
A prize of € 80,000.00 (net of VAT and any other legal charge) is awarded to the third-placed competitor. 
Each of the following competitors will receive a prize of € 50,000.00 (net of VAT and any other legal charge).. 


The Organizing Body provides the following documentation:
1. Competition notice

Competition notice (application/pdf)

2. Design Guidance Document

 02_Design Address Document.pdf (application/pdf)

3. Architectural Competition English Summary

4. BIM Information Specification – Economic Technical Feasibility Project

5. Contract Scheme for the award of the Final and Executive Design to the winner of the competition

6.BIM Information Specifications – Final Design – Executive Design

7. Calculation of fees for Professional Services

Attachments to the Planning Document

A_SDF (application/zip) 1. Rilievi
 2_PLANIMETRIE ARCHITETTONICHE (application/zip) 2. Architectural plans of the HT area
 3_PROGETTI DI (application/zip) 3. Progetti di rifunzionalizzazione
 4_INQUADRAMENTO (application/zip) 4. Urban planning
 5_RETI E (application/zip) 5. Networks and underground services
 6_INQUADRAMENTO (application/zip) 6. Environmental framework
 7_ELABORATI (application/zip) 7. Masterplan elaborated
 8_PROGETTI DI INTERESSE (application/zip) 8. Projects of public interest
 9_PLANIMETRIE (application/zip) 9. Plans Areas
 10_FILE EDITABILI (application/zip) 10. Editable files provided
HUMAN TECHNOPOLE – THE NEW HEADQUARTERS (Design Competition – List of Technical Works)
 HUMAN TECHNOPOLE – IL NUOVO HEADQUARTERS (Concorso Progettazione – Elenco Elaborati Tecnici).pdf (application/pdf) HUMAN TECHNOPOLE – THE NEW HEADQUARTERS (Design Competition – List of Technical Works)

Tender documentation digitally signed
 Documentazione di Gara Firmata (application/zip)


Deadline for submitting applications: 28.06.2019 at 12:00:00 
Deadline for posting responses: 08.07.2019 at 12:00:00


The project proposal required for participation in the first degree of the Competition must be composed of the following documents:

  • technical-illustrative report, in UNI A4 format on PDF file, vertically oriented, for an indicative total of 20 sides (font 9 and line spacing 12 points) including any images and graphic schemes, as well as the cover and index, which illustrate the design choices adopted and the characteristics of the proposed intervention, in accordance with the objectives, guidelines and indications contained in the Guidance Document for Design (attached to this Announcement) and to the evaluation criteria provided for in the Announcement, with particular reference to the aspects of urban and architectural design, environmental sustainability and feasibility under the technical and cost aspects, divided as follows:
    1. a verification report of compliance with the invariants, which contains in a maximum of three sides:
      I) a table on the total construction cost that demonstrates compliance with the estimated total construction cost limit as defined in this Announcement;
      II) an estimate of the overall construction time that demonstrates compliance with the estimated overall construction time limit as defined in this Announcement;
      III) a declaration regarding compliance with the constraints and rules set out in the Design Guidance Document;
    2. illustrative report of up to seventeen pages on the consistency of the proposal with the evaluation criteria indicated in Article 17 of this Notice, with particular focus on Area 2.
  • n. 3 (three) drawings in UNI A1 format on PDF file, with horizontal or vertical major side chosen by the competitor, bearing a graphic metric reference (international system) for any reproductions, containing:
    – at least one plan of Area 1 (as defined in the Design Guidance Document, the HT Campus) which must report the orientation and represent the inclusion of the HT Campus project in the context of MIND (appropriate scale);
    – at least one floor plan of Area 2 (the new Building), which must show the orientation and represent the insertion of the Building project within the HT Campus (appropriate scale);
    – planimetric diagrams, profiles, and at least a significant section of the building (appropriate scales), designed to illustrate the functionality and principles of flexibility;
    – any technical details relating to innovative construction and plant technologies for the building;
    – any other graphic representation suitable for illustrating the guidelines and design choices inherent in areas 1 and 2 (eg planimetric diagrams, in-depth profiles, perspectives, axonometries, etc.).

All the files of the documents must be printable and must not exceed the size of 15MB each.

The alphanumeric code (registration code) that the system assigns to each participant at the time of registration must NOT be shown on the documents, under penalty of exclusion.

Works that differ from the aforementioned specifications or that contain recognizable elements (such as titles, logos, mottos, etc.) that could lead back to the authorship of the design proposal, will result in exclusion from the competition.

The files must be, under penalty of exclusion, anonymous in both content and properties.
For instructions on how to make a pdf file anonymous visit the website (link updated on 18/06/2018).
It is also possible to use the software recommended by the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators:
– for Windows operating systems PDF-XChange Editor (,
– for MacOs operating systems PDF Metadata Editor (


The evaluation criteria are reported in competition notice to art. 17.

Complete announcement (PDF) Download


Announcement, DIP and documentation are available on the #concorrimi platform:

Concorrimi is the first telematic bankruptcy system in Italy. Web platform and procedural system created by the Milan Order of Architects, concorrimi simplifies insolvency procedures in the name of transparency, anonymity, open participation, certainty of times and results, economic savings and immediate management and logistics.



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