Lettering set

Tool for well-written and uniform texts.

Lettering set

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29 June 2023

Ragnetto scrittura per rapidograph

Indispensable for architects and technical draughtsmen in general; for dimensioning and describing projects, it was good practice to use the ‘spider’ to obtain well-written and uniform texts.
The nib or rapidograph is inserted and locked on one arm.
A second arm has a pin that follows the letters or numbers engraved on a plastic stick that acts as a guide. A third arm has a pin that slides along the bottom linear groove to help keep the letters horizontally aligned.
The slats are available with different letter heights and characters. By adjusting the angle of the pin, texts with slanted letters can be written.

The left arm contains the tracer, which is inserted into the grooved shapes of the letters on the model cue.
The right arm is positioned above the paper, is adjustable and has a clamp to hold the nib firmly in place. The small black toothed wheel in the centre is used to adjust the opening of this arm, there is an adjustment that changes the slant of the letters, allowing you to write in cursive.
From this point of view it is not visible but in the lower part under the grip there is a pin that inserted in the rail of the cue allows the linear sliding of the writing, as if it were in a rail it allows perfectly aligned writing.


Leroy Lettering set

Leroy Lettering Set by Keuffel & Esser Co. was a marvel in its day. Most of all of EC’s illustrated comics and classics were written with it. The letters were individually traced by Leroy with a stylus, at the same time reproducing an exact duplicate of each letter on the drawing sheet. An experienced user wrote quickly and accurately.

Leroy controlled lettering system

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