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18 March 2022

Having become a must have among those who love design, the floor-level shower tray cannot be missing in today’s bathrooms. In the environment, the bathroom fixtures must be chosen with care and the furniture carefully selected to obtain a modern and functional final result. As for the choice of toilet and toilet, there are suspended or floor-mounted products, even for the shower box the choice can fall among the countless alternatives on the market. It is an element capable of giving a strong personality to the bathroom and helping to improve its aesthetics but also its functionality.

Here are some indications to learn more about this solution and some useful tips for choosing.


Over the last few years, the bathroom has undergone a progressive transformation, to the point of being considered today a space where you can relax and devote yourself to personal care. For this reason, compared to the past, it is no longer just a functional area but a real integral part of the house that follows its style. It is therefore clear how the choice of the components of this environment must be conducted in a conscious way, in order to best satisfy one’s needs and tastes. On the market there are numerous useful products for bathroom finishes and to furnish it in an appropriate manner. If the room hosts a shower, it will be good to choose the box, the tray and the relative taps.

One of the most prominent solutions of recent times is represented by the flush-to-floor shower tray, which, having no difference in height, restores surface continuity, increasing the perception of width and cleanliness. Due to this capacity, it is often inserted into spaces with small dimensions, in order to make them appear more extensive. From a practical point of view, the absence of steps increases the comfort of use and promotes greater freedom of movement even for those with walking difficulties.

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Why choose a floor-level shower tray

Although some people still have some doubts about the choice of this type of component, over the years it has proved to be advantageous for several reasons. Let’s see which ones.

  • Versatility
    It can be installed in bathrooms with different styles and characteristics, without dimensional restrictions; in fact, it is possible to choose between the standard sizes, a 70×90 shower tray, a 90×90 shower tray, but also to opt for “tailor-made” solutions tailored to the needs. If the cut is made ad hoc it will also be possible to choose the shape of the plate: square, rectangular, semicircular and rounded. There are no limits to the imagination.
  • Usability
    One of the most interesting aspects of this solution is the elimination of architectural barriers which makes it perfect even for those who have mobility difficulties. For this reason, the flush plate is ideal in environments lived in by children, the elderly and the handicapped, as the absence of gradients and steps makes it easier to use. If desired, you can also choose a shower tray with integrated seat, designed to improve the use of the box.
  • Aesthetics
    The plus value consists in the dual ability of the ultra slim shower tray to be functional, practical and at the same time pleasing to the eye. As anticipated, the bathroom over time has taken on greater weight in the home environments, becoming an integral part of the living spaces and not just more than the service ones. This is how the bathrooms become an oasis of relaxation where the fine finishes with the bathroom fixtures and furnishings return a harmonious overall vision with an aesthetic impact. Furthermore, thanks to its installation characteristics, the flush plate guarantees material continuity and consequently visual continuity, making the environment seem larger. To date, it can be considered the most popular design solution of all.
Example of a bathroom with a refined aesthetic
Example of a bathroom with a refined aesthetic
  • Personalization
    The flush shower tray can be designed ad hoc as regards the shape, size and materials used. You can choose the same type of finish as the coverings such as ceramic or stoneware tiles, mosaics, resin, stone and treated wood (teak); each solution designed on specific needs will give precise characters to the bathroom.
  • Low cost
    As far as costs are concerned, this model is less expensive than traditional ceramic shower trays. Furthermore, even if you need to insert an oversized or very large model, the cost will not vary much compared to standard sizes.
  • Maintenance
    From the point of view of cleaning, the flush-to-floor tray is easier to sanitize, thanks to the lack of steps which instead favor the accumulation of dust and bacteria.

In view of these advantages, however, it is necessary to be aware of some aspects that should in no way be neglected. First of all, the constraint in the design phase: in the case of new construction, this type of plate must be budgeted from the earliest stages. In fact, changes during construction are not allowed as it is necessary to calculate the correct slopes immediately so that water drainage is guaranteed and any infiltrations and flooding are avoided. To this end, the substrate must house the plate and the drain. Even if it is not evident, the plate always has a minimum inclination, which starts at 1%. In addition, for the drain, an appropriate floor shower drain must be placed, which guarantees a satisfactory capacity, so as to ensure the continuous flow of water.

Shower tray made of tiles, with drain and drain below
Shower tray made of tiles, with drain and drain below

If you are faced with a renovation, it will be necessary to first understand if the conditions for proper installation exist. If the available budget does not allow the reconstruction of the screed and the floor, it is possible to resort to prefabricated solutions. These will be dry mounted and connected to the water system.


When faced with the choice of material, one is spoiled for choice: depending on tastes, economic limits and floor finishes, it will be possible to opt for the most suitable type.

  • Acrylic
    Lightweight and very resistant material, today it is among the most used for this type of component, also due to its low cost. However, it is good to ensure correct and frequent maintenance because it tends to yellow with the action of the sun’s rays and with the fall of substances such as shampoos and body cleaners.
  • Resin
    The choice par excellence for those who want to personalize the environment and make it warm and refined. The compound, characterized by a mix of minerals and resin, is available in many color variations. Resistant and long-lasting, however, it has a higher cost for installation.
  • Wood
    Despite the fine appearance, the high quality and the feeling of warmth that it is able to transmit, wood is still one of the least used materials in environments such as the bathroom. In fact, although specific treatments aimed at increasing its performance are applied today, in the presence of a high level of humidity, the client is still skeptical of using it for bathroom coverings and for the shower tray.
Example of an environment where wood was used as a cladding and for the plate flush with the floor.
Example of an environment where wood was used as a cladding and for the plate flush with the floor
  • Steel
    A somewhat unusual material but with a strong aesthetic impact, it is easy to sanitize and makes the environment very modern. Maintenance over time tends to be demanding because it is subject to scratches and holes that compromise proper use.
  • Stone
    Stone materials are often used for bathroom floors as they boast strength, durability and easy cleaning. If you want a continuous shower tray with flooring, you can choose the stone for this purpose as well. The porosity makes the material perfectly non-slip so as to be safe for all types of users. Today, there are even more resistant products on the market that reproduce the “stone effect”.
  • Stoneware
    Optimal for recreating the same type of finish and giving continuity to the environment by expanding it. Very long-lasting, it resists the action of water, chemicals and heat over time. Present on the market in many types, sizes and colors, it will be able to combine aesthetics and functionality to perfection.
Example of continuity in the floor and shower tray finishes, all in wood-effect porcelain stoneware

As we have seen, the floor-level shower tray, in addition to being comfortable and functional, is able to provide an optimal aesthetic result and transform your bathroom into a space with a unique and refined appearance.

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