European Award for Sacred Architecture

Doctoral Thesis - Master - VIII Edition 2019

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17 March 2019

1. Purpose of the Award
The Frate Sole Foundation, with the desire to promote and enhance the contributions of young graduates, establishes the European Award of Sacred Architecture for 2019, aimed at a project for a church of Christian worship subject to master's, doctoral and master's degree theses. The aim of the competition is to promote interest and research in the field of religious architecture since the university training period, so that the artistic and mystical qualities aimed at making the sacred space a place of spiritual exaltation, responding to the acquired community conception of the liturgical action.

2. Admission to the Competition
Graduates who have taken the master's degree exam, individually or in a group, after 1.4.2016 and no later than 15.4.2019 at the European Faculties of Architecture and at the Italian Building Engineering Faculties can participate. All projects that have one or more members of the Selection Committee as thesis supervisor or collaborator are considered out of competition. Also considered out of competition are all designers related to members of the Jury up to the fourth degree. All projects relating to restructuring, liturgical adjustments, restorations and all projects already presented at previous editions of the European Prize are excluded.

3. Required documents
The documents required for participation are the following: – registration via the form to be downloaded from the site and returned signed in UNIA4 pdf format; – degree certificate / certificate in plain paper, in UNIA4 pdf format; – scan of a valid identity document (identity card or passport). The design documents must make us understand the genesis of the work in its creative value, the architectural expression and the solutions adopted in relation to liturgical use. The project, discussed for the degree thesis, must be accompanied by: – ​​general plan, plans on the various floors, elevations and sections necessary to understand the project, paginated in UNIA3 pdf format; – explanatory report that does not exceed 6,000 characters, in UNIA4 pdf format; – they are also left to the choice of the participant, to be presented in UNIA3 pdf format: project sketches and notes, axonometric or perspective drawings, photos of physical models, digital 3d modeling, digital animation and exploration of spaces with photorealistic rendering.

4. How to participate
The documents referred to in point 3 must be sent to the e-mail address of the Frate Sole Foundation by Friday 17.5.2019. Entries and transmissions of works in any other form are not allowed, under penalty of exclusion from the competition. Upon receipt of the material, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the Participants.

5. Questions
For organizational purposes, telephone contacts are excluded. Any clarifications can be requested by fax or e-mail. A page dedicated to FAQs will be available on the site. The languages accepted are Italian and English.

6. Selection Committee
The evaluation of the projects is delegated to a jury whose members will be appointed by January 2019.

7. Amount of the Premium
The Board of Directors of the Frate Sole Foundation makes € 6,000.00 available, which, on the proposal of the Jury, can be assigned to a single project or divided, if several winners are indicated. The amount of the prize is inclusive of VAT, withholding taxes and other legal charges. Any Merit Mentions may be indicated.

8. Communication of results
The results of the competition will be published on the Foundation's website by 15 July 2019.

9. Award ceremony
The awards ceremony will take place in Pavia on Friday 4 October 2019, with a program that will be communicated later. Participation in the event is an essential condition for the delivery of the prizes.

10. Copyright protection
The documentation will not be returned, but kept in the archive of the Frate Sole Foundation. The Foundation itself reserves the right to exhibit the works, as well as to use the illustrative and graphic material for publications, guaranteeing intellectual property without any obligation to the Designers.

11 Secretariat of the Award
Frate Sole Foundation – European Award for Sacred Architecture 2019
Via Paratici, 21 – 27100 Pavia – Italia
Fax: +39.0382.301413
e-mail: [email protected]

The Frate Sole Foundation reserves the right to modify any part of this regulation at any time at its sole discretion: any changes will be promptly published on the website: Participation in the competition implies full acceptance by the competitors of all the conditions indicated above. For more information, visit the website: The ninth edition of the European Sacred Architecture Award will take place in 2021.

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