Dotted Line Tool

Technical drawing tool to outline the lines

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Technical drawing tools

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29 June 2023

Technical tool for drawing dashed lines.
Using a stylus, lines are drawn with greater speed and precision. The three interchangeable wheels determine the type of hatching you want to give to the line: wide, dotted and dense.
It is gripped in the free upper part and slides in adherence to a line / square which in the lower part transmits the rotation to the toothed wheel.


The steel support for the nib hinged in one point is able to transmit the oscillations given by the toothed wheels. The wheels are differentiated to transmit oscillations capable of making the nib jump and therefore leaving a line of ink with strokes, dashes and dashes.

See the video of the operation of the Dietzgen Model 932S.
ASMR Calligraphy – Dotted Line Tool from the 1930s
by David Grimes

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