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31 March 2020

These days, on the online platform for architecture and interior design, GoPillar, which hosts private design and design competitions banned in which architects from all over the world can participate, is It is possible to find an interesting competition launched by a private client in search of the best layout of the spaces for the newly built villa which is being built just outside Syracuse, where it will settle with its family.

What are the requests of the Contest "My Villa in Siracusa"?
It is a question of designing an empty envelope from scratch, consisting of a two-storey villa, a basement and a ground floor, currently under construction. The villa will be built in the shape of an L, with a central entrance and two lateral wings, with main views facing south-east and north-west. The villa will have two entrances, one main in the main building, and one external leading to the basement, and will be surrounded by a small garden with tall trees to shield the view towards the neighboring properties and thus ensure the right privacy for the inhabitants.

An optimal arrangement of the internal spaces is required, suitable for hosting a family of four, with two children, a boy and a girl. The arrangement of the rooms must take into account as much as possible the living comfort of the inhabitants and the position of the natural light coming from outside.

More specifically, the customer's requests regarding the number of rooms to be obtained are:

  • In the basement we would like to obtain the sleeping area for the whole family, with a double bedroom with en-suite bathroom, two bedrooms with shared bathroom, a study room, a laundry / ironing room and a relaxation area;
  • On the first floor, due to the panoramic view it enjoys, we would like to create the living area, with entrance, an open space with open kitchen, island and snack top, dining corner, fireplace and TV area, a representative lounge and, finally, a bathroom and a guest room.

What are the entries to be submitted to participate in the Contest in Syracuse, Sicily?
In this architectural design competition, there are not many projects requested by the customer, as the main focus of the project is not in the production of technical tables but in the study of the best internal distribution and division of the home. Therefore, professionals are required to prepare: a listed and detailed plan for both floors with the internal division of the spaces designed by the designer and the insertion of the main dimensions for each environment in image format; the same quoted and detailed plan for both floors in vector format (dwg or similar); finally, a 3D render of the only open space living area that can clearly show the customer how the layout of the main area of the house was designed.

How can you participate in the Contest? Is there a registration fee?
Any architect or interior designer, from anywhere in the world, can participate in the private competition to help this Sicilian family to design the new home and thus win the prize up for grabs simply by registering on the online platform where the Contest is hosted and filling in a short professional profile. Participation in the competition is totally free and free of costs for the architect and the deadline for submitting the works is April 20-2020.

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