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When the family grows, the needs increase

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08 March 2020


As the family grows, the spaces needed to meet the present and future needs of all its members increase. Even making use of all the solutions that modern architecture offers us, apartments or houses with small sizes are inconvenient for hosting large or extended families.

Recently on the online platform for architecture and interior design, GoPillar, which since 2014 has hosted private design and design competitions organized by customers from all over the world, a Contest dedicated to the collection was opened by an extended family of eight of ideas for the preliminary design of a new three-level house in Victoria, the main city of the district of British Columbia in Canada. To avoid taking up more space by building a new building and moving to a different neighborhood, the owners decided to build the new house starting from the demolition of the old one existing in the lot already owned by them.

What is the challenge in responding to the requests of the Contest "A versatile forever home for our large family"?

There are two challenges facing this competition for architects and designers around the world. Firstly, that of designing a modern building inside but whose external envelope adapts to the style of the surrounding neighborhood, mainly built by "American Craftsman" style houses, therefore with pitched roofs and entirely wooden facades. Secondly, it will be necessary to pay attention to the division of the spaces so that they are integrated but also retain a certain independence between them, especially as regards the two sleeping areas that will have to host the grandparents, some permanently and others for stays Shorter.

More specifically, the client asks to organize the levels as follows:

  • The ground floor must contain four bedrooms, one of which is a master bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet, as well as the living area with kitchen and large living room;
  • The first floor must contain the remaining two bedrooms for children, a bathroom with laundry area and a study;
  • The basement must house the two bedrooms with bathroom dedicated to guests, and a rumpus room with kitchen.

In addition to these requests, it will also be necessary to take into consideration the view on the external garden of the different rooms, favoring connections with the various living / dining areas. A greater consideration will also have those design ideas that take into account the energy efficiency of the home, in order to limit consumption as much as possible.

What are the entries to be submitted to participate in the Victoria, Canada Contest?
This is a competition for the new design of a two-story villa plus a basement starting from the demolition of the existing one and interior design tables are not required, such as the choice of furnishings or finishes. For this reason, professionals are asked to prepare: a listed floor plan with the internal layout of all the rooms required by the client in the three floors; a plan with the distribution of the lighting points in the three floors and indication through IEC symbols of the different types of light to be used; the external elevation of the 4 sides of the house with shares of different heights; an external construction section with an indication of the materials to be used for the facades; finally, a 3D plan and a render that can clearly show the customer how the project was designed.

How can you participate in the Contest? Is there a registration fee?
Any architect or interior designer, from anywhere in the world, can participate in the private competition to help this Canadian family to design their new home and thus win the prize by simply registering on the online platform where the Contest is hosted and filling in a short professional profile. Participation in the competition is totally free and free of costs for the architect and the deadline for submitting the works is March 28, 2020.

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