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The landscape as a strategy. The quality of the landscape for a quality architecture

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20 May 2019



by May 30, 2019

The landscape design is, today, the latest great challenge for the world of Architecture as a whole. A set of actions at any scale deal to establish orientation and equilibrium second sense sequences, addressing not just the prestigious areas already codified, but also those where the urban damage is more evident looking regeneration vocations maybe right where the new town it is more raw, devoid of central and references neither urban nor rural nor natural. It goes back to thinking the territory in its entirety, with the actions of protection, maintenance and enhancement, with an attitude of listening and care that should affect in a more effective right in heritage protection.

Landscape and project entities which are closely related and interacting, which has always spontaneously form a tight ring of tradition and innovation, as indeed it is in the spirit of the European Convention. The Landscape cannot be confused with an area or environment: these two definitions are not synonymous but they represent different systems. The landscape is a primary element of identity for communities and contemporary design must seek its principle.

The landscape is an open space and public and private even its perception, its fallout is always collective. The landscape design is a "device" that aims to represent the synthesis between the aspiration to progress and the expression of local identity in the landscape are reflected.

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