Pritzker Prize

The Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded annually to annually honor a living architect whose completed works demonstrate a combination of talent, vision and commitment, and who has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and society. environment built through the art of architecture.
Born in 1979 by Jay Pritzker and his wife Cindy, the prize is supported by the Pritzker family, sponsored by the Hyatt Foundation and is considered one of the main architecture prizes in the world; he is often cited as the Nobel Prize winner for architecture.
Winners receive US$100,000, a certificate and, since 1987, a bronze medal. The designs on the medal are inspired by the work of architect Louis Sullivan, while the English inscription, firmness, commodity, delight, on the reverse of the medal recalls the three principles of architecture according to the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius: firmitas, utilitas , venustas. Prior to 1987, a limited edition sculpture by sculptor Henry Moore accompanied the prize money.
Source: Wikipedia

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