What is meant by bio-architecture
Bio-architecture or bioclimatic architecture favors the use of materials and techniques that allow energy saving and which do not pollute or damage human health. In fact, bioarchitecture is a concept linked to the awareness that technological processes have a limit and the environment cannot be exploited indefinitely, since the resources of the territory are not inexhaustible.
Green architecture was born in Germany towards the end of the Seventies, after the global energy crisis of 1973. The vast world of building production, and not only, begins to take into consideration some measures, used since the past and fallen into disuse, as solutions for ventilation, shading, cooling, thermal insulation, reduction of heat loss, natural lighting, etc. . Bio-architecture aims to design in a sustainable way, experimenting with new systems, such as the use of solar energy in homes, and using materials that tend to limit the impact such as wood, stone, plaster, or in any case natural products rather than chemical origin.
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