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22 March 2019




WEBSITE www.premiocarlopucci.it

The "Premio Carlo Pucci" cultural association was established in 2013 with the aim of promoting competitions relating to theses on Architecture and Landscape and / or cultural events.
In particular, the Prize intends to stimulate reflection on architectural quality and public spaces as crucial elements of the transformation of the territory.
The Association therefore deems it necessary to raise awareness among future actors of the process of transformation of the territory and to reward those who, through the culture of the project on an urban or architectural scale, promote a better quality of life.

Art. 1 – Institution of the prize.
The Cultural Association "Carlo Pucci Award" establishes, for the fifth year, an award with the aim of promoting and enhancing the professionalism of young graduates in the Degree Courses in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Building Engineering-Architecture, so that they actively participate in the debate on the transformation of the territory.
The amount allocated to the Prize is a total of Euro 4,500 (four thousand five hundred / 00), divided into no. 2 prizes of 1,500 euros (one thousand five hundred / 00) in addition to n. 2 prizes of € 750.00 (seven hundred and fifty / 00) divided by Theme / Category as specified in Article 2 and Article 8.

Art. 2 – Themes of the Competition.
The competition is divided into two categories:

2.1 – Architectural restoration and recovery.

2.2 – Landscape-environmental recovery of areas / spaces in urbanized contexts.

The territorial areas considered in the proposed works must be included in the territorial area of the Tuscany Region.

Art. 3 – Admission requirements.

Participation in the competition is reserved for all citizens of the European Union who have obtained, individually or in a group, a Master's Degree or a single cycle Master's Degree at the Degree Courses in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Building Engineering. Architecture.

The submitted works must have constituted the subject of the thesis, taken in the time period from 01/01/2014 to 10/05/2019.

Art. 4 – How to participate.

4.1 Participation in the competition is totally free.

4.2 Participants in previous editions of the CARLO PUCCI AWARD do not have the right to participate.

4.3 Candidates wishing to participate in the 5th competition must send the application form and the material to the following address: Cultural Association "CARLO PUCCI AWARD", Viale Manin 5, 55049-Viareggio (LU) , using one of the following methods:

  • Mailed in sealed envelope or parcel
  • by courier
  • by hand.

Applications must be received by the peremptory deadline of 05/17/2019.
The date of the acceptance postmark and / or the date of receipt by the Secretariat of the Association will prevail.

4.4 The candidate must insert, under his own responsibility, both the administrative documentation (part-A) identified with the name of the candidate, and the project documentation (part-B) always identified with the name of the candidate in a single closed envelope.

Administrative Part-A (in the case of group work, the documents referred to in points 1 and 2 must be presented for each member of the group):


  1. application form drawn up on plain paper and signed in original, showing your name, surname, place and date of birth, residential address, as well as e-mail, telephone and postal addresses to which you can receive any communications, the date of the exam degree and degree course, valid identity document of each of the competitors.
The candidate must also declare in the application:


  • to accept all the provisions of this competition notice;
  • not to fall under Art.4.2 and Art.5 – Incompatibility of the participants;
  • to be informed pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196, that the personal data collected are necessary for the proper conduct of the competition and will be processed, even with IT tools, exclusively as part of the procedure for which this declaration is made;
  • the specific title of the thesis submitted must be indicated in the application, with indication of the category of participation (see Art.2).


  1. Degree Certificate and / or Certified Copy.

  1. Declaration of the competent academic authorities, proving that the paper presented for the competition is the one discussed during the degree and / or cover letter from the Supervisor under whose guidance the work was carried out.


  1. Release for the publication, even partial, free of charge of the Project and of the report by the cultural association "Premio Carlo Pucci" in the role of its legal representative (Form attached to this announcement).
Part-B design in digital format on CD ROM / DVD ROM.
– The works must consist of :
Report :
filename: report.pdf ,
in pdf format consisting of two typewritten folders (approximately 3500 characters) UNI A4;
n. 3 boards
file name :
table-1.pdf ;
table-2.pdf ;
table-3.pdf .
These tables, in .pdf format, with the larger side possibly arranged horizontally, must contain a representative summary of the entire project. Their format will be "UNI A0" and they will be freely composed, allowing however a clear legibility.
These works will be characterized by:
– a quality of the graphic definition (not less than 200 dpi) so as to guarantee the possibility of obtaining detailed images (zoom) suitable for an accurate examination of the project; -a correct viewing orientation, preventing the image from being rotated – each table must not exceed the size of 12MB.
3. A video presentation of the project (optional) lasting a maximum of 3 minutes to be viewed during the works of the Jury and, possibly, during the award ceremony; this presentation will in any case be worthy of additional evaluation by the Jury.
The selected video programs can be presented in possible video architecture festivals organized by the University of Architecture of Florence.
4. A presentation in Power Point format containing a maximum of n. 20 slides without audio.

By participating, the competitors authorize the display and eventual publication, even partial, of the submitted works, without prejudice to the guarantee and protection of copyright from copying and reproducibility without prior consent.

However, nothing will be due to the authors of the Projects presented for public display and the eventual publication of their Projects by the “Organizing Body”.

Art. 5 – Incompatibility of the participants.
Those who have had or have working relationships with members of the Selection Committee or the Organizing Committee, as well as with their spouses, relatives and relatives in the 2nd degree included, or with those who have participated in the drafting of the announcement cannot participate in the competition. and attached documents.

Art. 6 – Admission.
Candidates are admitted to the competition after verifying the conditions set out in this notice in articles 2 and 3.
Requests for clarifications and explanations on this announcement and / or on the procedures for submitting Projects to the 5th announcement, may be formulated and sent to the e-mail address: [email protected] by 10/05/2019.

Art. 7- Organizing scientific committee.
The Organizing Scientific Committee will be composed of members of the "Carlo Pucci Award" Association and of councilors of the Order of Architects of Lucca, and / or other members appointed by the Presidency of the "Carlo Pucci Award" Association.

Art. 8 – Commission of selection and award procedure.

8.1) The jury will award the prizes as listed below:

  • for the 1st classified in the Category “Architectural Restoration and Recovery” (Art.2.1), a prize of € 1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred euros) for Master's degree thesis and single cycle master's degree thesis.


  • for the 2nd classified in the "Architectural Restoration and Recovery" Category (Art.2.1), a prize worth € 750.00 (seven hundred and fifty euros / 00) for Master's Degree Thesis and Single Cycle Master's Degree Thesis.


  • for the 1st classified in the Category of "Environmental landscape recovery of urban areas / spaces" (Art.2.2), a prize worth € 1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred euros) for Master's degree thesis and Master's degree thesis single cycle.


  • for the 2nd classified in the Category of "Environmental Landscape Recovery of urban areas / spaces" (Art.2.2), a prize of € 750.00 (seven hundred and fifty euros) for Master's Degree Thesis and Master's Degree Thesis single cycle.
The Commission reserves the right to change the above.

The Commission will also identify all the projects / works worthy of mention, which will be presented at the Event in which the prizes will be awarded..

8.2) The Selection Committee will be composed of:

– the President of the "Premio Carlo Pucci" cultural association or a member designated by him.

– two university professors from the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence; -a councilor indicated by the Order of Architects of Lucca;

– a member indicated by the Superintendence for Architectural, Landscape, Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of the Province of Lucca and Massa Carrara; – a member indicated by the "Carlo Pucci Award" Association.

It should be noted that, during the proceedings of the Commission, in the event of an equal vote, the vote of the President of the Commission will have double value.

The organizing committee of the “PREMIO CARLO PUCCI” ASSOCIATION reserves the right to accept the members proposed by the above institutions.

8.3) The selection of the works foresees, subject to a convocation to be branched in adequate time from the
Secretariat of the Association, a minimum of collegial meetings, in particular:


  • an initial assessment of the minimum requirements (referred to in articles 2-3-4), and consequent admission to the competition and the preparation of guidelines and judgment criteria ;
  • a subsequent evaluation of the papers with the choice of the works worthy of recognition and formulation of the relative merit ranking ;
  • awarding of prizes.

– The Commission's judgment is unquestionable.
The Commission of selection may not assign the prize (s) if it judges the quality of the works examined to be unsuitable, as well as reserves the right to assign the prize (s) to several ex-aequo candidates.

– The awarding of the prize will be communicated to the participants in good time before the official award ceremony.

Art. 9 – Award ceremony, communications and obligations of the winner.

The award / award ceremony will take place on June 15, 2019.

Confirmation of the award date, together with the place of assignment, will be communicated in good time to the participants.

Any changes to the program will be communicated to the participants in good time.

The winner is required to accept the prize.
Failure to accept will result in forfeiture of the prize.

Art. 10 – Use of the works received.
The works sent by the participants in the competition can be used by the "Premio Carlo Pucci" cultural association as promoter, on the occasion of conferences / seminars / round tables concerning the topics covered by this announcement.

The "Premio Carlo Pucci" Cultural Association will be able to publish or have the winning works published, as well as other works that are judged to be of high quality. The documentation presented will not be returned.

Art. 11 – Liability.
The "Premio Carlo Pucci" Cultural Association, while ensuring the utmost care and custody of the works received, declines all responsibility for any theft, fire or damage of any kind that may occur during the phases of the event and / or in the subsequent phase. Any insurance request must be signed by the Author himself.

Art. 12 – Possible variations.
Any changes to the program will be communicated to the participants in good time.

The Organizing Scientific Committee of the competition reserves the right to make a final decision on anything not expressly specified in this announcement.

The adhesion and participation in the competition imply the unconditional acceptance of all the articles of this announcement.

Tutte le informazioni complete su: www.premiocarlopucci.it

The organizing secretariat is available to all those who need more information and / or clarifications regarding participation in the Carlo Pucci Award.

Viale Manin, 5 – 55049 Viareggio (LU)
Telefono: 0584/49928
Fax: 0584/46846
Email: [email protected]

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