Walk-in closet plant

Scale 1:100

A walk-in closet is a room or space dedicated primarily to the storage of clothing, footwear and accessories. It is a sort of extended wardrobe organized in such a way as to allow easy viewing and access to clothing and accessories.

Here are some common features of a walk-in closet:

Cabinets and shelves: A walk-in closet is often equipped with cabinets and shelves to store clothes hung, folded or neatly stored.

Mirrors: Appropriately sized mirrors are often included to allow you to evaluate the appearance of clothing being worn.

Lighting: Good lighting is essential to facilitate clothing selection and to evaluate colors and combinations.

Changing area: Some walk-in closets include a dedicated space for changing, allowing you to try on different outfits without having to leave the room.

Organization: Can include organization solutions such as drawers, shelves, hangers and boxes to keep everything tidy.

Quality materials: Often made with high-quality materials to ensure long life and an elegant appearance.

Customization: Many walk-in closets are custom designed to meet the owner's individual needs and tastes.

Recommended CAD blocks

Walk-in closet elevation 8


Walk-in closet elevation 9


Wardrobe plant 1


Wardrobe plant 3


Built-in wardrobe with door


Wardrobe prospect plant 1


Wardrobe prospect plant 2


Modular panel walk-in closet


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