Walk-in closet

1:100 scale drawing

Plan and section of a walk-in closet. Some suggestions: use crutches with double rods to make better use of vertical space. You can hang shorter clothing on the top and longer clothing on the bottom; If your space allows it, you can install a system of removable crutches. This way, you can pull out the hanging bar when you need it and push it in when you're done; Waterfall coat hangers can be used to hang multiple clothes on a single rod, maximizing vertical space.

Recommended CAD blocks

Wardrobes abacus 01


Wardrobe plant 3


Walk-in closet elevation 9


Wardrobe plant 2


Wardrobe prospect plant 1


Wardrobe prospect plant 2


Walk-in closet elevation 2


Walk-in closet elevation 1


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