Automobiles database (ITA)

Download Auto e Mobilità dwg, large collection of drawings of cars and various vehicles.
Price 68 euros including VAT. Instant download.

Download Cars and Mobility dwg, large collection of Car drawings and many other types of vehicles. This dwg database is configured for Road Accident Agencies and Insurance Experts.
Most of the car manufacturers are present and the files are many but not of all models and configurations. There is not always the 3-door, 5-door, station wagon model, sports, etc.
In addition to the models of cars, motorcycles, buses, trams and trains, we offer various categories that could be useful, road signs and elements of street furniture that can come into play in an appraisal.
The Auto and Mobility database consists of 8066 files in 138 folders for a total of 890 Mb and is downloaded in .zip format (469 Mb)
The compressed folder contains all the categories displayed in the preview image.

To purchase and download the database, by clicking on the "Buy now at 68 €" button, you access the purchase page where you can choose the payment method, enter any billing information and then download the material from your personal page " my purchases "

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Automobiles database (ITA)


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