Furnishing a corridor

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Furnishing a corridor

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06 April 2022

The corridor is the passageway area of the house which is often characterized by its lack of personality. In fact, we usually underestimate and neglect this space of the house which is actually important. It is possible to furnish a corridor and enhance it in a few steps that will make it lively, essential, modern and elegant. With some simple but very practical ideas, it will be quite fun to make changes, revolutionizing a space that is too often forgotten, but which represents a vital part of a home.

Let’s see what to focus on to furnish a corridor and therefore make it functional, hospitable and elegant.

Perspective games

A corridor can be redefined and expanded thanks to simple games of perspective. You don’t necessarily have to think about having to knock down walls to expand a space which, also and above all due to the design, could entail excessive costs. Regardless of its width, there are in fact some elements capable of expanding the space, creating a sort of “optical illusion”.
Let’s think for example about the color and perspective of the bricks used for the flooring. The geometries, the play of color and the natural light, if there is the presence of fixtures such as windows, give that indispensable touch that cannot be given up. The corridor will not only seem more spacious, but it will come to life and it will be a pleasure to walk through it every time you move from one room to another in the house.

Furnishing a corridor. Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on pexels

A contemporary corridor must also focus on doors as an element that can change the perception of space. Doors can give a romantic allure to the room if you opt for darker color models than those of the walls or by enhancing the outline of the doors. A minimalist look instead favors flush-to-the-wall doors, which have no jambs and blend into the wall.


The “catwalk lights” are those plays of artificial light that allow you to transform the corridor into a rather pleasant place. The light can be diffused through LED bulbs, spotlights or arrive from below for a corridor with a chic and luxury effect.
If you have wide corridors, the advice is to place low consoles.

The consoles are small tables which, placed in the corridor, can also act as convenient containers.

In large corridors it is also advisable to decorate the walls with large paintings. The latter is a fundamental factor, especially if the ceilings are very high. In this case, the play of light and shadow plays a fundamental role by positioning spotlights above the works to give them greater prominence and make the colors more vivid.
If what you have available is a long and narrow corridor, then you will have to opt for light colors to create a large and bright effect. Full-height mirrors are important to give the perception of expanding dimensions.

Furnishing a corridor. Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on pexels

Per arredare un corridoio occorre lasciarsi ispirare per adornarlo con qualche complemento d’arredo appositamente studiato. Nicchie, mensole e librerie a parete si possono scegliere per un corridoio che abbia anche spunti culturali. Questi elementi d’arredo sono utili per contenere i libri in più, che si aggiungono a quelli del salotto o della stanza adibita a studio. O anche per posizionare souvenir che donano a quest’ambiente grande carattere, rispecchiando così i gusti e la personalità dei padroni di casa.
Basta poco per dare un tocco di classe agli spazi di una dimora, per renderla unica e confortevole con uno stile impeccabile e ricercato, e soprattutto senza spendere cifre ingenti. Uno specchio, un semplice armadio ad ante scorrevole o un appendiabiti open-air potrebbero fare la differenza.
Piccoli ornamenti da appendere saranno un plus che di sicuro arricchiranno con stile questo ambiente che rappresenta un andirivieni quotidiano. Infine, le carte da parati scenografiche acquistano una valenza di impatto se associate a un pavimento neutro.


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