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Spectacular gardens and parks whose geometric rigor intertwines and blends with nature

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29 June 2023

Living in a busy city, you often have the desire to seek some serenity, getting away from the usual confusion of every day. The search for an oasis of peace and the possibility of finding it can be fulfilled because the world is full of beautiful architectural gardens. Even living in a city therefore, you can take a break from the confusion by looking for gardens full of neat trees, colorful flowerbeds of fragrant flowers, fountains and even thundering waterfalls.
Lately there has been a revaluation of such an ancient and fascinating art, such as that concerning the architectural gardens that enrich a palace, a noble palace or a castle. These are spectacular gardens and parks that were later inserted in these places to form a larger and more complete whole for visitors. These green corners are in fact the flagship of places where geometric rigor intertwines and blends with mysterious nature.

Here are some of the noteworthy architectural gardens in the world.

Sabatini Gardens in Madrid

In the front of the Royal Palace of the city of Madrid extend the Sabatini Gardens, a wonderful monumental park in the neoclassical style. The park, structured on three geometric sections, with ornamental and architectural function, was built and designed by the Spanish architect Fernando Garcia Mercadal. The design of the gardens dates back to the 1830s. They occupy what were once the royal stables. An infinite number of beauties follow one another around the Royal Palace, giving the green mantle a geometric order. There are wonderful carved hedges, the famous among “statues of the Kings”, the fountains. All these elements are combined together in such a way as to enchant the visitor, giving him serenity and peace.

Sabatini Gardens in Madrid – Aerial Photo – See on Google Maps
Source: Images and Cartographic Data © 2022 Google. Images © 2022 CNES. Airbus, Maxar Technologies, Map Data © 2022 Inst. Geogr. Nacional

Little Island in New York

The Little Island Architectural Garden was created by designer Thomas Heatherwick with a design that lasted eight years. It is located in the Chelsea neighborhood at Pier 55. The garden consists of 280 concrete poles with a flared top. Here stands the city park which is part of Hudson River Park, on the west side of Manhattan.

Little Island is a floating public park in the Hudson River. This once industrial area has become a green zone for tourists and New Yorkers alike. In this park you can stroll, relaxing in a “floating” oasis, looking for the best photo shot of the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Some spaces are organized for eating and drinking, it is a square called “The Play Ground”. It is also an ideal area for picnics while eating on the lawns. The Garden boasts two locations for the show, one can accommodate 200 spectators, and the other 687. To renovate Little Island, the designer has extended it to an area of ​​one hectare. In this way, he has created a real park with many trees, even though it is not the largest park in the city.

Little island in New York City – Aerial photo – View on Google Maps
Source: Images and Cartographic Data © 2022 Google

Gardens of Villa Lante in Bagnaia, Italy

The gardens of Villa Lante are located in Bagnaia, a fraction of Viterbo, in the Villa dei Farnese, surrounded by greenery. These splendid gardens were born in the period of the Italian Renaissance. They represent the expression of an architectural style in a wonderful setting, so much so that in 2011 they deserved the title of “most beautiful park in Italy”.
The villa is made up of a set of precise geometric hedges that outline shady arcades, cooling caves, pergolas and silent paths. To complete it all, the evocative fountains, if not the real protagonists of the whole scenario of the relaxing walk, which appear impetuous in the eyes of visitors. In all of this, water plays an important role, flowing between terraces, basins and artistic fountains, in a plot studied in detail. The fountain that most strikes those who go to Villa Lante is the Fountain of the Moors, made up of four sections divided by balustrades where in the center is the coat of arms of Pope Sixtus V supported by four Moors.

Gardens of Villa Lante – Aerial photo – See on Google Maps
Source: Images and Cartographic Data © 2022 Google. European Space Imaging, Maxar Technologies, Map data © 2022

Černín Garden in Prague  

The Černín garden (Černínská zahrada) is located on a hill within walking distance of the center of Prague, opposite the Černín palace. Here the ministers of foreign affairs meet. It was built many years ago, around 350, in Baroque style, identical to the Italian Renaissance garden.
The garden is a very fascinating set of water games, plant ornaments, harmonious and spectacular symmetrical shapes, all in a captivating and evocative setting.
This garden is formed by a large staircase, through which you reach the terrace of the upper swimming pool. Continuing, at the back of the pool, you can admire the wonderful cascading fountain. And not only that, a large extension of rounded green hedges enclosed in a suggestive pavilion appears impetuously to the visitor’s eyes.

Zahrada Černínského paláce – Aerial photo – See on Google Maps
Source: Imagery © 2022 Google, Imagery © 2022 CNES / Airbus, Geodis Brno, GeoContent, Maxar Technologies, Map data © 2022

Jardim Botânico in Rio de Janeiro 

The architectural garden of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, bears the name of Jardim Botânico. Its origin dates back to 1808, and its creation served to adapt spices such as pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon to the climate. These spices had been imported from the West Indies. The Jardim Botânico has been open to the public since 1822 as it was deemed appropriate to show its beauty to visitors. It has a large extension of 52 hectares and contains 6,500 plant species, including some rare or endangered. The vegetation is central in this park, so much so that the monument dedicated to Friar Leandro do Sacramento is covered with ivy.

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden – Aerial photo – See on Google Maps
Source: Imagery © 2022 Google, Imagery © 2022 CNES / Airbus, Maxar Technologies, Map data © 2022

Nymphenburg Park in Munich

The Nymphenburg park is the green extension that surrounds the summer residence of the Wittelsbachs and is located in Munich. It was built in the Baroque style; a long canal separates the marble cascades, with Greek gods, from the palace. To make the place even more captivating is the presence of swans and ducks who wallow blissfully in the waters of the two artificial lakes that are located on the sides of the canal. The park is embellished with a botanical garden, chapels and pavilions of considerable artistic value. It is therefore a question of admiring a large park, consisting of an extension of 200 hectares, in a combination of greenery and works created by exceptional human skill. In a context of Baroque style perspective, there is a whole succession of pavilions, geometric shapes, stairways, centuries-old plants, in an architectural and natural intertwining.

Nymphenburg Park in Munich – Aerial Photo – View on Google Maps
Source: Images © 2022 Google. Images © 2022 GeoContent, Maxar Technologies, Map data © 2022 Geo Basis-DE / BKG (© 2009)

Cover photo: Villa Lante Bagnaia by Orlando Paride on Wikipedia


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