Architects meet in Selinunte 2019

Three days dedicated to the Interior Landscape

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10 June 2019

Architects meet in Selinunte 2019. Three days dedicated to Interior Landscape

From 13 to 16 June at the Selinunte Archaeological Park

From 13 to 16 June 2019 the AIAC Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism and PresSTfactory, in collaboration with Studio la Monaca, present the ninth edition of Architects meet in Selinunte by title Interior Landscape – Is the crisis of architecture a crisis of ideas? The initiative is carried out with the patronage of the Archaeological Park of Selinunte and Cave di Cusa, Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects, Conservators of the Province of Trapani, Foundation of Architects in the Mediterranean of Trapani "Francesco La Grassa" and with the support of the Sicily Foundation .

The 2109 edition will address the theme of the Internal Landscape by playing on the ambiguity of the term. On the one hand, the internal landscape alludes to large areas of Italy where phenomena of degradation and depopulation are taking place and where it is necessary to intervene decisively by reinventing the reasons for development, activating urban transformations, innovative economic activities, alternative spatial arrangements. The Favara case has amply demonstrated this, as it has brought into play new ideas involving art, architecture and urban planning.

On the other hand, the theme alludes to the interior space: a theme that has always been considered secondary, the son of a lesser god; yet it is the space where architects today find more opportunities and where experiments are activated that the building laws, increasingly binding and incomprehensible, deny at other scales.

Finally, there is the aspect of architecture competitions, of the quality that fails to emerge due to a crisis of values that marks the case of Italy.

How, then, can the idea machine be reactivated? Hundreds of architects from Italy and Europe will discuss it in three days at the Selinunte Archaeological Park. Providing a starting point for reflection will be a lecture by critic William J.R. Curtis; then there will be presentations, debates, round tables, installations and performances.

The day of June 13 will, as a tradition, be dedicated to Architecture in Sicily; the traveling exhibition will also be inaugurated Spread projects edited by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi and Orazio La Monaca and it will take place “Talking about Sicily”, by the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Trapani and of the "Francesco La Grassa" Architects in the Mediterranean Foundation of Trapani: Vito Maria Mancuso and Francesco Tranchida in conversation with Giovanni Chiaramonte and Maurizio Oddo. Site concept: Vito Maria Mancuso, Giuseppe Todaro.

On June 14, architects, designers, urban planners and experts will take turns to discuss the Interior Landscape theme: the Special Design Award will be awarded at the end.

Il giorno 15 giugno si affronterà il tema dei Competitions in Architecture: the meeting will end with the assignment of the Selinunte International Award, prize that is awarded every year to a designer or to a collective of designers who have given particular prestige to architecture: the winners of the previous editions were Daniel Libeskind, Massimiliano Fuksas, Mario Bellini, Benedetta Tagliabue, William Alsop, Allies and Morrison, Odile Decq, Dominique Perrault, RCR arquitectes. I will also be awarded National awards and the Sicily Foundation Special Award to Italian and foreign designers, to companies and personalities who distinguished themselves for the quality of their proposals at the conference.

On June 16, you can visit the Archaeological Park of Selinunte as a free theme day.

Access to the conferences is free subject to availability.

For members of the Professional Order of Architects: for each day of the meeting, the OAPPC Order of Trapani no. 8 credits for the day of 13/06, 14/06 and 15/06, for a totale di 24 crediti. 

The detailed program will be announced soon and will be available on the website 


Directors: Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi e Orazio La Monaca
Scientific Committee:

Vito Abate Unicusano, Enzo Alfano, Antonio Barone, Anna Baldini, Luigi Catenacci, Enrico Caruso, Rosario Cusenza, Giuliano Fausti, Vito Maria Mancuso, Orazio La Monaca, Chiara Modica Donà delle Rose, Marco Maria Sambo, Mariano Palermo, Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, Francesco Tranchida
Concept and Organization: AIAC e Studio La Monaca
General organization:

Salvo Aiuto, Melania Bisegna, Marco De Petris, Massimiliano Gasbarra, Gaia Girgenti, Claudia Ferrini, Elisabetta Fragalà, Alice Ilardi, Zaira Magliozzi, Massimiliano Mastracci, Chiara Marchionni, Demetrio Mauro, Giulia Mura, Maria Michaela Pani, Filippo Puleo, Elisa Scapicchio, Daniel Screpanti, Sabrina Sgarra, Salvatore Spataro, Matteo Staltari, Roberto Sommatino, Marianna Vincenti
Graphic project: Daniele Ficociello
Photographers: Moreno Maggi, Giulia Fontana
Institutional Partners: Archaeological Park of Selinunte and Cave di Cusa; Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects, Conservators of the Province of Trapani; "Francesco La Grassa" Architects in the Mediterranean Foundation of Trapani, The Phoenicians' Route
Made with the support of: Fondazione Sicilia
Special Partner: OIKOS, Kerakoll, Pedrali
Partner: Adragna illuminazione, Bandiera audiovisivi, Cantine Vinci, Drutex, Lignoform, Porta del Vento, Filippo Rabito Ceramic Tiles of Italy
Technical Partners: Hotel Admeto-Althea Palace-Hotel Alceste
Media Partner: IoArch

Contact Studio La Monaca – [email protected]

AIAC Press Office
Roberta Melasecca
[email protected]
[email protected]

See the complete program:

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