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10th Edition from 5 to 20 September 2020

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08 September 2020

Landscape festival, was born in 2011 and for well over nine editions it has had 2 million visitors, therefore a national and international hub in the world of Landscaping. It is an event in which visitors learn, discover and experience the landscape at 360 ° through the mutual exchange between professionals and the beautiful city of Bergamo.
The landscape is recognized as one of the fundamental elements of the city, of the community, of economic and urban development and the Landscape festival becomes a spokesperson for cultural values deriving from the local territory.

With Nature + Culture = Landscape

The demonstration received two medals of the President of the Republic and the Patronage of the Lombardy region, becoming one of the manifestations of regional importance, in short:

  •  Green Square green reinterpretation of Piazza Vecchia;
  •  Green to the People a garden dedicated to the encounter between people and between them and nature. Thanks to the fundraising, the first project of this new format, conceived by Arketipos, will be carried out in the outdoor spaces of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital;
  •  Landscape Webinar online landscape lessons with the protagonists of the first nine editions;
  •  Landscape Call green appointments resulting from a call open to citizens and the territory;
  •  Green Book a book to tell the birth, history and development of the Festival through the first 10 squares;


"It is time to bring Nature to the table and take the subject seriously. The table is the tool we use to eat, study and work, but it is also the object on which we place the important things, those to have an eye on and not forget. Today, more than ever, nature demands and deserves attention. To celebrate it, we have created tables, tables and tables with lots of plants on them, as sincere warnings to remind us to remember. The tables set up in this way are arranged in the square of Bergamo Alta, one next to the other, one on top of the other, one detached from the other, just as we human beings of today's humanity want to be! "
Michele de Lucchi Architect

The internationally renowned architect and designer Michele de Lucchi enriches Green Square 2020, thanks to his extraordinary participation. In this Festival, the architect translates the symbol of the restart with the "support base." The table represents for Italy and for the Italians the symbol of conviviality; the family gathers around it as well as a place of work. solid wood tables with native plants such as elms, beeches, lime trees, hornbeams, oaks and cherry trees, as well as 20 trees 4-5 meters high placed in large pots with perennial herbaceous base. Piazza Vecchia with the installation, previously entrusted to Martin Rein-Cano (project implementation in 2021) is inspired by values of sharing and generosity. In this particular edition it is fundraising, an expression of the concrete help that a cultural action can achieve, thanks to plants, the best witnesses possible history and future.

All the plants were donated by Ersaf and chosen from native and forest species and represent the rebirth, as well as the tables designed by Michele De Lucchi and the lamps by Zafferano and LuceIN. In this first edition of the format created by Arketipos of a garden dedicated to the encounter between people and between them and nature, everything becomes part of the fundraising.
Green to the People #01 will be built in the outdoor spaces of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, an area that will take on a strong symbolic value as a reminder of the strength and resistance of the Orobic institution in the fight against the pandemic and as a demonstration of the value that urban and recreational spaces assume for well-being psychophysical of the people who live them.

The tables designed by the architect De Lucchi and produced by the group Wood from Nature to Things, during the days of the Festival, citizens, tourists and those who want to return to Bergamo to discover or rediscover the beauty of the city are available.
Thanks to free disbursement it will be possible:

  • bring a plant and its certificate with characteristics and advice for the best maintenance into your home. You will be asked to leave a brief testimony on the chosen positioning and the trend of growth, in a fruitful exchange of information it will be possible, thanks to the trees, to be all closer, in Italy and in the world.

  • book, and then collect at the end of the event, one of the solid wood tables designed by Michele De Lucchi.

  • adopt a remote plant, in this case the name of the donor or a dedicated person will be included in a large book kept by the Municipality of Bergamo.

  • buy and collect a Poldina lamp by Zafferano and LuceIN

  • donate by bank transfer made out to: Arketipos – Green to the People01 Until 31 December you can donate by bank transfer, or on paypal.

Iban: IT17V0326711100000020191067 causal: Green to the People 2020
For further info and costs visit the page Green to the People #01

Ph. Rosanna Castrini Landscape Design, Fanpage FB The masters of the landscape.
"Parlami" is part of Landscape call, the Arketipos call open to the territory.

ph: Rosin Manuel garden design. Fanpge 

International Meeting of the Landscape and Garden online
A three-day webinar with the most important exponents of landscaping in the world. A comparison on the landscape, the relationship between man and territory, responsibility towards the environment and green sustainability, between mobility, functionality of spaces, smart cities and well-being.
Friday 11 September 17.00> 19.00
with Martin Rein-Cano (DE), Fergus Garrett (UK), Rainer Schmidt (DE), Charlotte Rowe (UK)
Thursday 17 September 17.00> 19.00
with Giulio Senes (IT), Emanuele Bortolotti (IT), Filippo Pizzoni (IT), Marco Bay (IT)
Friday 18 September 17.00> 19.00
with Andy Sturgeon (UK), with Dan Pearson (UK), with Peter Fink (UK), with Andrea Cochran (US),
Free event, available online via the zoom platform, mandatory pre-registration.
Formative credits for: architects, surveyors, agronomists. Info and reservations here
Alpine Seminar
5 September 2020 2.30 pm> 7.00 pm

Bibliosteria of Cà Berizzi,
Corna Imagna (BG)
A meeting entitled Resisting, reorganizing, restarting: the mountain facing the crises of yesterday and today, between limits and opportunities with Annibale Salsa (anthropologist), Giampiero Valoti (local history scholar), Marco Cimmino (historian) Luciano Bolzoni ( architect) and Antonio Carminati (director of the Centro Studi Valle Imagna).
Free event, accessible online via zoom, 10 seats available in attendance. Mandatory pre-registration.
Formative credits for: agronomists, surveyors. Info and reservations here 

Université d'été
21 September 2020 at 6.00 pm> 8.15 pm

Astino Monastery – Bergamo
A meeting entitled The relationship between man and nature: dialogue between law and science with Maguelonne Dejeant – Pons (Council of Europe), Telmo Pievani (University of Padua), Tullio Scovazzi (University of Milan, Stefano Colombo (veterinarian).
Free event, accessible online via zoom, 15 seats available in attendance. Mandatory pre-registration.
Formative credits for: lawyers. Info and reservations here

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